They're Your Assets - You Should Decide How They're Handled

Consult a probate attorney in Decatur, Illinois to draft a will

You’ve spent your lifetime acquiring assets. Your home, your possessions, your financial assets – those are all things you’ve worked hard for, so shouldn’t you, not the court, be the one to decide how they are disbursed after your passing? Drafting a will is the best way to establish a legally-binding plan for your end of life care and estate. Although everyone's situation is different, here are the top five reasons to have a will:
1. It's your estate, you should determine how and where it will be distributed
2. If you have minors, you should decide who will take care of them after you're gone or no longer able to
3. Potential to minimize estate taxes
4. Drafting a will helps avoid a length probate process for surviving family members
5. Tomorrow is not guaranteed - avoid adding stress to your family by already having a plan in place
Did you know there are many types of wills? Depending on your needs, you may be interested in drafting a simple will, testamentary trust will, joint will, or living will. At Record & Jankowicz we help our clients develop and implement a plan for their estate by drafting comprehensive, sound wills and living trusts based on their individual needs. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation regarding the establishment of a will or trust in Decatur, Illinois.

Help Your Family Avoid the Probate Process

Help Your Family Avoid the Probate Process

Establish a living trust with an estate planning attorney in Decatur, Illinois

The probate process is typically time-consuming and expensive, but there are legal ways to potentially avoid it altogether. Creating a living trust establishes a beneficiary who will automatically take possession upon your passing, often without having to go to probate court. If you need an estate planning lawyer, look no further than the attorneys at Record & Jankowicz. Call today to learn more about how you can save your loved ones the trouble of going to probate court.