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Hire an Expert Estate Planning Attorney in Decatur, IL

When it comes to planning your estate and establishing directives for your end of life care, you want an estate planning attorney in Decatur who is experienced with Illinois laws and dedicated to your needs. For over 50 years, Record & Jankowicz has helped residents of the Decatur, IL area plan for future events. Our estate planning law services give you peace of mind knowing that there is a secure plan for you and your estate. Call today to speak with an estate planning attorney in Decatur, IL, about developing a comprehensive estate plan.

Benefits of Hiring an Estate Planning Specialist

What will happen to your estate after you've passed? Are your possessions, property, and family members protected? Here are some of the top advantages of hiring an estate planning attorney:

  • Ensure your immediate family is provided for
  • Minimize any potential expenses & taxes of transferring property to your beneficiaries
  • Ease some of the burdens off of your family
  • Plan for all types of unexpected incapacities

Call the will and estate planning lawyers at Record & Jankowicz to learn how to protect your assets and ensure your family is taken care of after you're gone. Our free initial consultation will cover all options available depending on your specific financial needs. Don't wait another day - call now!

Are You Currently in the Probate Process?

You Need a Probate Lawyer in Decatur, IL

In the absence of a comprehensive will and estate plan, probate court can be quite difficult. Here are three common reasons to hire a professional probate lawyer:
1. Probate lawyers can help minimize family conflict
2. Probate lawyers can help protect the estate against legal claims, expedite the probate process, and help answer your probate questions
3. A probate lawyer can help relieve stress and simply the probate process
For help with the probate process, rely on the experience of Record & Jankowicz. We work to facilitate the process so you can properly grieve for your loss without the additional stresses of probate court. Call today to speak with a probate lawyer in Decatur, Illinois.